[Natto Recipe] All-purpose sauce “Avo Natto”

  • 2022.11.19
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All you need are Avocado, natto and white dashi (or men-tsuyu or soy sauce).
You can use it as a sauce with pasta, as a paste on bread, or as a canapé on crackers.


*The amounts are just a reference. You can add more if you like!

– 50g Natto (any kind of natto is good. Choose your favourite one.)
– 1/4 of an avocado (Use soft avocado.)
– 4-5 ml white dashi or men-tsuyu or soy sauce(V)

You can also add something like followings if you like 🙂

– Lemon (like guacamole)
– Pepper (when you want a kick to it)
– Shichimi (for changing flavour!)
– Grated garlic (better have this for pasta)
– Aosa (add seaweed flavour)
– Mayonnaise (if you want more creaminess)



1) Put all ingredients in a bowl.

2) Mash the avocado while mixing. If the avocado is hard, heat it to make it easier to mash.

and… That’s all !

You can use this as a sauce or paste with pasta, bread, crackers, etc. as a base 🙂

You can also mash natto into a paste and fry it before mixing it to add aroma and reduce stickiness.
I will introduce this on the other day.