Natto, Japanese Probiotic Superfood,
freshly fermented
in Sydney.

Dai's Natto


Sydney’s first Natto

Natto, just like the one you can eat in Japan, is freshly fermented with Australian soybeans in our Sydney workshop.
Now you can enjoy the authentic natto flavour in Sydney !

The Dai’s Natto Story

As a child, natto was my favourite food. Since I moved to Sydney in 2009, I have only been able to find imported natto which didn’t taste as fresh as natto I’ve eaten in Japan. Therefore I wanted to remake the traditional natto taste here in Sydney. After in-depth research and optimisation, we finally started etablised our natto workshop, May 2021.
We hope you enjoy our fresh handmade natto available in Sydney.

Why Dai’s Natto ?

Select Ingredients

There are only 2 ingredients, Australian Soybean and Japanese Natto Starter imported from Japan.
To make good natto, you have to use good soybeans. We only select sweet and tasty Australian soybeans for our natto.


Dai’s Natto uses eco-friendly materials as much as possible, such as nature-friendly paper containers and bio-degradable wraps. We are environmentally conscious and strive to minimize waste.

Natto made by Natto-Otaku (Geek)

During 2020 lockdown, making natto became my new hobby.
I read books and papers about natto, found related videos online (and watched them while pausing them), experimented with the process many times under different conditions in order to find the best conditions. I also found that the seasonal change in Australia is also a factor in the conditions. I have received a feedback on my natto from different group of people, reflected on the feedback, and am continuing to improve the process.
This is how I became a Natto Otaku(geek).

Benefits you can expect
from eating natto daily

89.6% of Japanese doctors recommend eating natto every day. The following benefits have actually been evaluated.

  • Improved Digestion (Bacillus subtilis natto)…50.3%.
  • Immune system enhancement (Bacillus subtilis natto)…46.1%.
  • Prevention of blood clots (Nattokinase) … 28.9%.
  • Prevention of infections and allergies (Bacillus subtilis natto) … 27.4
  • Detoxification and antibacterial action (Bacillus subtilis natto) … 23.0%.
  • Prevention of bone fractures (vitamin K2) … 22.6%.
  • Improvement of menopausal symptoms (soy isoflavone) … 16.7%.
  • High nutritional value (16.6%)
  • Anti-aging effect (polyamines)…15.7%.
  • Suppression of elevated blood glucose levels (polyglutamic acid)…14.4%.

Source: “Survey on Natto”

Our Products


Big container

Handmade Kotsubu Natto
(Small Size Soybeans)

  • SoybeansNon-GMO small soybeans from QLD
  • Size300 g (about 7 Serves)
  • Shelf life12 days from production date

Handmade Organic Natto
(Mid/Large size Soybeans)

  • SoybeansOrganic Mid/Large soybeans from NSW
  • Size220 g (about 5 Serves)
  • Shelf life12 days from production date

Mid cup

Handmade Kotsubu Natto
(Small Size Soybeans)

  • SoybeansNon-GMO small soybeans from QLD
  • Size90g
  • Shelf life14 days from production date

Handmade Organic Natto
(Mid/Large size Soybeans)

  • SoybeansOrganic Mid/Large soybeans from NSW
  • Size70g
  • Shelf life14 days from production date
  • Using nature-friendly paper containers.
  • It will slowly keep fermenting in fridge and Umami will increase as the days go by.
  • No sauce included, Dai’s Natto recommends Shiro-dashi.


Handmade Organic Silken Tofu “Okoi”

  • SoybeansOrganic Mid/Large soybeans from NSW
  • Size210g
  • Shelf life10 days from production date

Female, 30s, Sydney

travel industry

My kids have never been big fans of frozen natto, but they love Dai’s natto! Not much smell and they happily eats the creamy consistency while mixing and stirring. It’s good for your body and I want my kids to eat it every day, so the large size container is great for our large family! I’m also happy to see that the containers are environmentally friendly and less garbage.

Male, 40s, SYdney


I love large size soybeans and this Organic Mid/Large Size natto is the best ! I can feel the sweetness and flavour of the soybeans itself. It is also great to know that they are handmade as well as Australian Soybean is used.

Male, 40s, Sydney

Media Related

I was unsatisfied with frozen natto, therefore I kept trying to make my own natto by using a yogurt maker through trial and error, and after repeated failures, I came across “”Dai’s Natto””. I never thought I would find such delicious fresh natto in Sydney! I am so grateful. I will always keep it in my refrigerator 🙂

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