【イベント情報】NEWTOWNのComeco Foodsさんと試食コラボイベントを行います。

  • 2022.10.20
  • news

NEWTOWNのComeco Foodsさんと試食コラボイベントを行います。


Have you ever tried FRESH Natto – Fermented Soybeans ?
Not frozen but fresh! Not plain and by itself, but matching with sauces and other ingredients !

Dai’s Natto will be providing Natto Canape tasting to all the visitors who want to try fresh natto! You can also purchase 3 different kinds of natto in small cups as a home tasting set (limited amount).

[Date & time]
29th Oct 2022 11AM – 3PM

COMECO FOODS – 524A King Street Newtown

[About Natto]
Natto is a Japanese fermented soybean superfood. 

Like many foods with a distinctive character, natto is something of an acquired taste, with people tending to either love it or not.

Natto is vegan-friendly, gluten free, full of nutrients and may contribute to stronger bones, healthier heart, strengthen your immune system and improve your digestion (check back for more details). 

COMECO Cafe – https://www.comecofoods.com.au/

Comeco Foods loves creating food for people who have allergy and food limitations!

All the Comeco Foods’ products are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and made with all natural ingredients. They are careful about selecting ingredients that are allergy and additive-free and healthy, determined to offer everyone, those who have dietary restrictions and those who don’t, delicious food.

Dai’s Natto – https://daisnatto.com/en/

Dai’s Natto is Sydney’s first Natto Workshop, established in May 2021 in Glebe. 

Dai’s Natto uses 2 ingredients only, Australian Soybean and Japanese Natto Starter imported from Japan. Dai’s Natto uses eco-friendly materials as much as possible, such as nature-friendly paper containers and bio-degradable wraps. Environmentally conscious and strive to minimize waste.