[Natto Recipe Collection] Updated on 2022.11.23

  • 2022.11.23
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This is a collection of Natto recipes recommended by our natto Craftman.
It’s easy and addictive, please try it !


Update history

2022.11.23 – Added Avo natto pasta
2022.11.23 – Added Natto Rice
2022.11.19 – Added All-purpose sauce “Avo Natto”


All-purpose sauce “Avo Natto”

All you need are Avocado, natto and white dashi (or men-tsuyu or soy sauce).
You can use it as a sauce with pasta, as a paste on bread, or as a canapé on crackers.


Easy handy recipes

1) The best and the most basic way to enjoy Natto : Natto Rice

2) A dish that has turned many natto-fmmms into natto-lovers : Avo natto pasta

3) Bread and natto go so well together omg : 3 types of natto toast – coming soon

4) Natto goes well with spicy food you know : Natto Tomato Spicy Ramen – coming soon